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Our free recipe cards feature easy traditional and foraged recipes which evoke life on the Lancaster Canal. Download the recipes, and then all of the family can help make these tasty snacks. This may require visiting your local canal to gather the ingredients! Downloads below.

Read our foraging tips before downloading your recipe cards

  • In our recipe card collection, the green cards require foraged ingredients, along with ingredients readily available from your local shop or supermarket.

  • Turn over to discover more information about the “star ingredient”, including where to find it and how to collect it.

  • The blue cards feature recipes inspired by the history of the Lancaster Canal, and do not require foraged ingredients. 

  • When foraging, only take what you need for each recipe, from areas where your star ingredient is abundant.

  • Forage away from busy roads and traffic fumes.

  • Forage away from potentially unsafe areas e.g. riverbanks, canal locks.

  • Get permission from the landowner if required (you could offer them a share of your culinary creations in return).

  • Forage above knee height where possible, avoiding areas which may have been “watered” by passing dogs. If this is not possible (e.g. when picking wild garlic) make sure to thoroughly rinse ingredients before using.

  • Do not uproot or destroy any plants; take a few leaves or flowers only.

  • Only eat something if you are 100% sure of its identification, and that it is edible. If in any doubt at all, do not eat.

  • Our recipe cards give you some identification tips, but it is always a good idea to double-check using a different identification guide. Field guides are great to help you identify plants and flowers, but there are also some excellent resources available online, including the Woodland Trust websiteWildflower Finder, various apps and social media groups. 

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Download our free Heritage Recipe Cards Here