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Please see our advice below about using the Lancaster Canal Towpath during the Coronavirus pandemic.

In these unprecedented times, our priority is to support the national effort to keep people safe, following the Government’s advice and taking the appropriate action to protect our colleagues, partners, landowners and everyone who visits, or lives near the Lancaster Canal Towpath.

LCRP urges people to follow Government guidance to stay at home.  If you do venture out and choose to use the Lancaster Canal Towpath for your limited daily exercise please keep your distance from others. The towpath should be strictly for local use only during the coronavirus pandemic.  People must follow social distancing measures at all times, taking extra care on narrow towpaths.


While the weather may make it seem tempting to go for a towpath walk, we want to remind people that public health officials have stressed the importance of staying at home, saying that the single most important action we can all take in fighting coronavirus is to stay at home in order to protect the NHS and save lives.

Our plea to everyone thinking of using the towpath is to be mindful of others and act always with consideration and with respect. There are particular issues with using towpaths as they are often narrow and, in some places, have people living in boats moored alongside.  Where a local journey is essential, we are asking people to try and avoid stretches with multiple moored boats, use the full width of the towpath when passing, keep moving, and stand aside to allow others to pass, in single file.

In the Northern Reaches of the Lancaster Canal Towpath where you are walking on a Public Footpath through open countryside - PLEASE REMEMBER this is actively farmed land or adjacent to peoples houses and gardens. Please stick to the Public Footpath and don't be tempted to stray elsewhere on private land. Farmers live and work here so please don't put others lives at risk. Be aware of potential contact spread at touch points such as gates and stiles. Thank you and our best wishes to everyone at this difficult time. LCRP 

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